MilkPEP: Battle for Milquarious5

How can you make your kids drink milk? That’s a question that many parents can’t answer.. Nowadays youngsters don’t drink milk anymore, because it’s not cool and not good.
But dear parents, do not fear! Creative Criminals has found the solution; Give your kid a glass of milk, and let them see this short movie (22 minutes!) of a Rock Star called White Gold

The video is created by Goodby & Silverstein and is based on the succes of White Gold songs last year.
For this year they decided to make a ‘Rock Opera’. The main character is a 70’s Rock Star that not only loves himself, but is a great fan of milk. He’s in love with Strawberry Summers, the only girl in the galaxy with as much milking-hotness as he has..

But the fairy tale doesn’t last long.. Suddenly soldiers of Nasterious, the enemy of White Gold, invades Milquarious and steals all the milk and kidnaps the beautiful Strawberry Summers.. What you can see next is an adventure of White gold with his good friend Jug Life, singing their way through to catch the villain and free the girl..
Click on the picture to see this funny movie!

If you have some free time, it’s really worth looking at the movie. The actors are great, funny humor, kind of Power Ranger battles, and good songs.. And if I may ad one good tip: Give yourself a good jug of cold milk while you look at the adventures of White Gold.. It makes you feel like a hero!

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