Burger King has started a remarkable advertising campaign in the US. Under the hashtag #autopilotwhopper they mock another well-known American brand: Tesla. 

Stop sign 

It all started when clips appeared on social media of drivers who noticed that their Tesla started behaving strangely in the vicinity of Burger King branches. When the Autopilot of the Tesla was switched on, the Tesla started driving slower and slower, until it came to a complete stop near the restaurant. 

Soon people found out what was going on: to be able to drive semi-autonomously, the Tesla reads all road signs along the road and reacts to them. Tesla's technology has been criticised before, because it still often goes wrong. Once again, Tesla's technology proves to be far from flawless. What is going on? 

Outside the restaurants of Burger King there are large billboards with the logo of the fast food chain, to persuade hungry motorists to stop for a Whopper. Tesla doesn't recognize advertising in these signs, but a stop sign. And because Tesla sees a stop sign, he slows down to stop just in front of the sign. 

Free Whopper 

Tesla's failing technique inspired a special action for Burger King. A video appeared on Youtube, in which motorists with a Tesla are called upon to put their Tesla on Autopilot and then drive past a Burger King. If they then film that the Tesla stops in front of the billboard and put this movie on social media, they get a free Whopper from Burger King.

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