This campaign was to create edginess and relevance for a national everyday dairy drink, Binggrae Banana Flavored Milk, to the millennial consumers. In order to do so, the brand decided to stretch Banana Flavored Milk’s unique charm with focusing on the straw. By looking beyond its functional role as a drinking tool, INNORED sought to position it as a ‘partner accessory’, offering a unique, fresh look that complements the characteristically shaped container, while tailoring the campaign to engage millennials in an innovative new way. 

Thus, we developed 5 types of straws (Giant Straw, Ringer Straw, SOS Straw, Love Straw, and One Shot Straw) along with 5 different viral digital videos to go along with each product.

Within 12 days of the online release of five campaign videos introducing the five types of MyStraw’s online, they collectively garnered over 10 million views. By the 3rd week that number reached an impressive 20 million views with over 11,300 shares in total. Three of the five MyStraw products were sold on dominant ecommerce platform Gmarket, selling over 3,000 sets on the first day and being completely sold out within a week.