With such a small population of 4,000,000 people in Lebanon, there are 108,000 declared infected with Hepatitis B&C. The NGO Hep Attitude Positive wanted to run a fundraising campaign to encourage people to donate money, to those who need medication and cannot afford it. With a limited budget.

Every 10 seconds someone dies from Hepatitis B&C. Stop the clock. Save a life. The Hep Attitude Positive Donation Machine was especially designed and built for the NGO. A machine with a digital inbuilt clock constantly restarting every 10 seconds and every time the 10 seconds are up, a person dies. But when money is donated it automatically resets the clock (regardless of which second it is at), hence saving someone’s life. This digital donation box was placed in the different outlets across the city.

After two months of the placement of the machine, they collected 250,000 dollars, a 70% increase in funds from last year.