Q-music, a Belgian radio station has come up with an impressive stunt. Ornelis & Rogiers, two of their presenters moved on the 16th of March into a flying studio, 20 meters above the ground.
Ornelis & Rogiers, may not leave the studio until the public put them on the ground. How? Whenever the listeners hear a certain tune, they can send a message to Q-Music to participate.

The person that has been selected will have to answer a question asked by the two presenters. If that question is correctly answered the studio will lower by one meter. If on the other hand the answer is wrong, the studio will move one meter upwards.

Funny thing is that Ornelis & Rogiers are not loved by all.. Some organizations are trying to keep them ‘in the air’ by donating money to everybody that gives intentionally a wrong answer..
I’m curious how long they’ll stay up there..

Update: After 16 days, they finally got out of their flying radio studio…