Tooheys Extra Dry, commonly referred to as a TED, is a popular australian dry lager.
Lately they wanted to introduce their new long-neck bottle (696ml), but they had a problem: the competition in that market was to fierce.. So they had to find a way to differentiate them from the other 696-lagers..

In Australia, they sell the long-neck bottles in brown paper bags.. So BMF Sydney (TED’s agency) thought “What if we use these brown paper bags as a new media channel“..

They asked the best street artist to make some designs with the theme 696. These designs were printed on the brown paper bags, which were distributed all over the bottle shops in Australia. Even other beers were put in those bags, helping TED to advertise its new long-neck bottle..

Click on the picture to see the result

Then TED invited every designer to submit their design in a competition, that would be judged by several famous artists.
An interactive gallery was set up online, to showcase the works. The ten finalists would each receive a case of Tooheys Extra Day 696, and the winner its design was printed and distributed nationally in bottle shops..

To check out the whole campaign, click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)