Stella Artois the famous Belgian beer did a great campaign in New York. Ritual Project is a 21day painting project in SoHo New York, several artists create a 20 by 50 foot (6×15 metres) hand painted billboard.
The painters on the project, from Sky High Murals, come from a variety of artistic backgrounds, from grafitti or illustration to fine arts.

They want to create a stop frame painted guide covering the traditional pour of the drink.
There are 9-steps to pouring a Stella Artois. To pour it perfectly, you must master all of them.

1. The purification: rince your glass in water
2. The sacrifice: let the first drops of beer spill (in other words, don’t put them in your glass)
3. The liquid alchemy: hold your glass slightly sideways and let the flow of beer do its work
4. The crown: hold your glass straight in order to create a nice crown of foam
5. The removal: take the glas away from the flow without spilling the last drops in the glass
6. The beheading: remove the excessive foam with a knife in only one stroke
7. The judgement: judge your work
8. The cleansing: clean the ouside of the glas in water
9. The bestowal: finish the glass and present it

Here you can see a video of these 9 steps

After the jump you can see more pictures of the paintings. There are also 3 video’s where you can see the evolution of the wall, it’s definitely worth watching them.

On the site people are invited to view the paintings through specially installed vintage viewfinders.

Here you can see the evolution of the paintings untill day 15. The project will last for 21 days, so there will be more video’s soon. So expect an update next week.