Who are the Cotton runners?

Are you a runner? If so, you may have noticed a strange pattern as of late – in the bottom of the leader boards from races all over Europe, one thing was prominent; runners named Cotton always came in last place. What is this odd coincidence? Well, cotton will slow you down, if you ask sports brand Björn Borg, who wanted to put their new Performance Underwear in focus during the campaign “Don’t run in cotton”.

“Cotton Runners” strengthen the main Performance underwear campaign messages “Don’t run in cotton” and “Cotton will slow you down”. Björn Borg appointed people named Cotton and gave them one assignment: compete in a race and finish last. That way, Björn Borg had Cotton runners in 10K races, half marathons and full marathons. The races were documented, and the name Cotton appeared in the very bottom in every result list during the period.