Leslie Nielsen, one of the most famous comedians died beginning this week at age 84. He passed away in Florida with his close family. The actor was most known for the movie the Naked Gun but had also other blockbusters behind his name such as: Forbidden Planet (1956) was probably one where he made his breaktrough, and not to forget Mr Magoo.

His trademark was to leave a trail behind of rampage. Every where he passes he always accidentally did something good or extremely funny. Next to movies, Leslie Nielsen featured in many commercials. Advertisers knew what smiles Nielsen could conjure on peoples’ faces and asked him to be a part of it. He not only participated in American commercials but also in European ads..
Check out some of the best ads he made after the jump, typical Nielsen..

Paf.fi (Casino)


Medicare: Lab

Ohio Lottery

Genie Awards

Arizone Financial


Dollar: Rental Car

Red Rock Cider

Dutchtone: Red light district

Dutchtone: Leg

Dutchtone: Lunatics

Dutchtone: Windmill

Dutchtone: Holiday

Dutchtone: Opening

Dutchtone: Airport

Red Cock Cider: Walrus

Red Cock Cider: Screwdriver

Red Cock Cider

Medicare: Call Center

Medicare: Hospital