To celebrate the launch of their client's new Renault Twingo, Publicis Lisboa created a stiletto that promised great style wherever you go.

Lisbon is notorious for its steeps and cobble stone pavement, a territory less than friendly for walking in heels. That has sent the women of the city running for their cars, but driving in heels is no easier feat.

To put an end to this conundrum, Publicis Lisboa has come up with the Twingo Stiletto by Luís Onofre. A partnership with famed shoe designer Luís Onofre, the stiletto features special perforated leather and a rubber sole cover that mimics tyre's adherence. The pièce-de-resistance is the Stiletto Cap, a protective add-on that encases the heel and counter, diminishing damage caused by friction and enlarging the heel to make it more comfortable and suitable for driving.