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Post a job 100 USD for 30 days

Why post a job on CreativeCriminals?

Many talented individuals
Thousands of skilled advertising criminals hang out on every day.
Benefit from fantastic publicity
Your vacancy will be observed by many criminal associates on this page, and appear in rotation with other occupational announcements on numerous pages throughout
A painless encounter! Broadcast at ease
Your vacancy on will link to your existing job page with only a few details needed to get your transmission operating at full capacity.

Frequently asked questions

How can I announce a job?
Merely engage the big red button located at the top of this page and follow the instructions that follow.
Can I get a discount if I post several jobs?
There’s certainly no harm in trying and we promise not to annihilate you for asking the question. Just get in touch at
How can I modify a vacancy I posted?
For security purposes and in order to keep the vacancy announcements entirely protected from opposing radicals, we cannot allow you to make the modifications. But if you contact us at our information ninja specialists will hastily make the amendments for you.
How can I contact you guys?
Don’t panic, if you need to get in touch, click on contact us in the menu or shoot us an email at

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