Epiphone by Gibson is a leading manufacturer of premium guitars, famously known for the Les Paul model – played by legends like Slash or John Lennon.

Such premium guitars are a major investment. To keep up demand for their annual new product launches in a heavily competitive market, Epiphone had to create the biggest buzz. The task was convince professional guitar players that they absolutely need the 2015 Les Paul signature edition designed by Björn Gelotte, guitarist of the legendary metal band “In Flames”.

They took the all guitar players by their professional pride, posing the question: Do you deserve a Les Paul? To prove their skills, they had to play a difficult solo, written by Björn Gelotte himself. The precision of their performance was measured by using Shazam like never before: As a musical judge.

Only if they played well enough, Shazam would recognise the solo and reveal the website with the chance to preorder or even win the new Les Paul.