Many people in Brazil, United States and many countries in Europe still believe that black cat is synonymous of bad luck. Because of this they suffer various mistreatment, as well as being the last ones to be adopted.

According to Susan Yamamoto, founder of the NGO, there are many people who still believe in the story that black cat brings bad luck. "They are the ones who have the most difficulties in being adopted." According to her, the kittens of other colors end up leaving and they stay.

To prove that this idea of bad luck is a lie, the agency Leo Burnett Tailor Made decided to enroll Lucky, a kitten who has been waiting to be adopted for many years, in various

promotions. And the result? In less than 6 months, Lucky has won 18 awards, among them a tablet, a TV subscription, Headphone, Playstation, Yoga Classes and even free soda at McDonalds.