Introducing the first statues a brand put up for its customers right in the middle of the city. These guys didn’t invent anything, or win any wars. 34, a beer brand honours them just because they love beer too much.

34 is the first Georgian craft beer, and they wanted to reach beer fanatics - special people who can appreciate a special taste. That’s why they launched 34 with a shocking price tag - 34 Laris a bottle, which is 15$ per bottle..  In other words, it was 20 times more expensive than it’s supposed to be.

In five days, they tracked the first heroes to buy 34 and crafted their personal statues. Just as the price went down to an affordable level, they revealed new local landmarks as a surprise to honor the people who love beer.

The case has won the two following awards on the Goldenhammer festival: "Promo & Activation" (Gold) and  "Campaigns" (Gold)