A Formula One Car is a formidably potent bit of kit and in the past that Red Bull has pitted its awesome power against everything from drag racers to jet fighters. And most of the time they’ve came out on top. So when it was suggested that the raw power of an F1 car wouldn't be forceful enough to drive back a bunch blokes digging their studs in the dirt, all Red Bull could say was "bring it on". 

Trouble was Red Bull car wasn't up against any ordinary men, as it turned out their opposition was the mighty scrum of Bath Rugby Club. Faced with eight international-standard examples of rugby playing brute force weighing in at 900kg (the equivalent of a full-grown giraffe) they quickly realised they needed reinforcements. It was time to call in Red Bull's own expert power player – none other than Daniel Ricciardo. 

Thus, armed with the 1000bhp/tonne of 2012's double title-winning RB8 and a three-time grand prix winner to deploy that grunt, Red Bull headed towards Bath's elite training ground at Farleigh House full of confidence.

So, did the irresistible force triumph over the immovable object? Check it out on Red Bull's website!