Ah, le Cinéma! Remember the days when men were strong and silent, women were chic and sophistiqué, and the action was as smooth as our 4% triple filtered beer? Formidable!
At Stella Artois, we have gone back in time to rediscover these films – the orgininals, before Hollywood did to them what Hollywood, sadly does..
Vive le cinema triple filter

Stella Artois (Best Beer in the World), has created the ‘Smooth Originals’ campaign to promote the launch of their 4% beer. On the site you can review three sixties-style remakes of Hollywood blockbusters: Huit Kilomètres, Dial Hard, and Vingt-Quatre Heurs.

Going retro for a brand is certainly not new (George Clooney – Martini) , but the ‘Smooth Originals’ is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

To see the other two short movies, click on…
Huit Kilomètres
Vingt-Quatre Heures