Improv Everywhere is a comedic performance art group based in New York City. The group carries out non-threatening pranks, which they call “missions” in public places. Some of the group’s missions use hundreds of performers. One of their latest mission was ‘Freeze in Grand Central’. Hundreds of people suddenly stood still and didn’t move at all for 5 minutes. This stunt had a lot of success and media attention.
Frozen Grand Central

“Better late than never” Saatchi & Saatchi said and a year after the first freeze in Grand Central, they organized for operator T-Mobile a similar stunt. The flashmob was held on January 15th place in Liverpool Street Station with the baseline “Life’s worth sharing”.
T-Mobile – Life’s worth sharing

Now even Belgium started to copy the famous stunt.
VTM, the main commercial television station in Flanders, wanted to promote one of its television shows with a dancing spectacle. Over 200 participants suddenly started dancing. The song played was a modern remix of The sound of Music-song ‘Do Re Mi’. By doing so, they want to draw the attention to their new program ‘Looking for Maria’. The winner will play in a musical from ‘The Sound of Music’