In the summer of 2015 Yellow Bike, an Amsterdam based bike tour and rental service, introduced Yellow Backie: Amsterdam style hitchhiking. An initiative to spark some love between Amsterdam locals and its visitors, by embracing a famous Dutch custom: riding on the luggage rack of a friend’s bike.

All Amsterdammers with a bike are invited to swap their luggage rack for a free yellow one at a Yellow Bike store. By doing so, they invite friendly strangers to hop on and join them for a fun ride through their beloved city.

The idea got picked up by a lot of international media. Like major Dutch News stations (Radio, blogs, newspapers and TV), The Guardian, CNN, La Repubblica, USA Today, GOOD Magazine, National Geographic, CONTAGIOUS I/O, The Daily Mirror and many more. Reaching millions of people in over 95 different countries.

But more importantly, hundreds of locals joined our mission. Offering their bike and experience to like-minded people from around the globe.