What do you do when OtterBox, the #1-selling case for Smartphones and tablets, asks for a holiday-themed video? You make a spoof 1980’s toy commercial, of course. Otterbox took  man-sized corporate mascot, Ollie—a cute, cuddly, if maniacally overprotective critter—and turned him into a small but mighty toy action figure named “Action Ollie.” 

Reminiscent of ‘80’s icons like G.I. Joe and He-Man, the “Action Ollie” holiday video is a cheesy special effects-laden, rockin’ hair metal-tastic homage to classic Saturday morning kids’ toy commercials. Even their legal disclaimer copy is a parody. All to remind viewers that OtterBox cases, like Action Ollie himself, are “unapologetically overprotective” and make a great holiday gift. That is if Action Ollie dolls actually existed. Which they don’t. But whatever. Oh, and they also squeezed in a celebrity cameo: football legend, Peyton Manning. Because why not. There were no rules in the ‘80’s!