Lately (and you might’ve noticed) people started to care about ‘our’ earth as they saw that the climate was changing due to pollution… Products that are/were unfavourable for the climate had to perish a lot of criticism. So do Clorox, a manufacturer of bleach.
But Clorox wanted to ‘clean’ its name, and created an eco-friendly, 99% plant-based cleaner called Green Works. Such a special product that could clean as efficient as a traditional cleaning product couldn’t go unnoticed.

That’s why DDB West (agency) and Clorox needed to demonstrate the launche of this product in a memorable way. They took their inspiration from grafitti. But instead of ‘polluting’ walls with all kind of drawings (even if they’re beautiful) they wanted to clean the walls. Walls that lost their colours because of years of dirt and pollution. So together with an artist called Moose, they made this gigantic 140-foot-long-reverse-grafitti of the native plant life.

To see how they did it, click on the image below to play the video.

The cool thing about this, is that if the police caughts you making a grafitti like this, they can’t lock or sue you, because cleaning public walls is not a crime..