On the 12th of June, The FIFA World Cup will start, one of the biggest sport events worldwide, meaning tons of commercials.. We've gathered 13th of the best commercials of the last 5 editions, ending with that famous commercial with the Brazilian players from 1998. Enjoy!

FIFA 2014  (Brazil)

Itau - The Great Transformation

ESPN - Time Zone

Nike - Winner Stays On

FIFA 2010 (South Africa)

Coca-Cola - History of Celebration

Nike - Write the future

Pepsi - Refresh Your World

FIFA 2006 (Germany)

Adidas - Jose +10

ESPN - World Cup Anthem

Quilmes - Bendito

FIFA 2002 (South Korea & Japan)

Nike - Secret Tournament

Pepsi - Why Japan can't win the World Cup

Adidas- Footballitis

FIFA 1998 (France)

Nike - Airport