You probably all know Cannes Lions, it’s one of the biggest International Advertising Festivals. Like the famous film festival of Cannes, Cannes Lions is a global festival for people working in advertising. It is a seven-day festival where the best commercials worldwide are rated by a jury.
This year Cannes Lions is running from 21-27 June.

Creative Criminals is looking forward to this event, because only the best of the best can compete with eachother during this festival. Therefore we decided to share the winning commercials of last year, with our loyal CC-followers.
Every week, untill the Cannes Lions Festival starts, we’ll post a selection of the award-winning campaigns. We already have posted an award-winning commercial of last year: Little Hands from Herringbone.

For this week we posted a commercial from Petronas, one of the biggest oil & gas companies of the world.
It tells the story of Tan Hong Ming, a malaysian kid who is in love with a girl from his school..
Our children are colour blind, shouldn’t we keep them that way..
This ad won gold in the category ‘Comprising film’