The Superbowl, the American football game between the winners of the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC), is one of the biggest advertising happenings worldwide. Million dollar commercials are aired during the game, but many of them are already released now. 

Check all of them in this compilation!

1. Budweiser: Lost Dog (Anomaly)

2. Squarespace: Jeff Bridges (Wieden + Kennedy, New York)

3. BMW: The internet (KBS+P)

4. Mophie: All-Powerless (Deutsch, Los Angeles)

5. McDonald's: Pay with Love (Publicis)

6. Skittles: Marshawn Lynch (DDB, Chicago)

7. Avocados from Mexico: First Draft Ever (GSD&M)

8. Carl's Jr. Charlotte McKinney (72andSunny, Los Angeles)

9. Coca-Cola: Make it Happy (Wieden & Kennedy)

10. T-Mobile: Data Vulture (Publicis, Seattle)

11. NBC: Nick Offerman 

12. Always: Like a Girl (Leo Burnett Chicago)

13. Snickers: Brady's Brunch (BBDO, New York)

14. Ecuador and Galapagos Islands: All you need

15. Nissan: With Dad (TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles)

16. Priceline: Negotiator 

17. Mercedes-Benz: Fable (Merkley & Partners)

18. It's That Easy 

19. No More: Sexual Assault (Grey)

20. Esurance: Lindsay Lohan (Leo Burnett, Chicago)

21. GoDaddy's: Journey Home (Barton F. Graf 9000)

22: KIA: Pierce Brosnan (David & Goliath)

23. T-Mobile: Kim Kardashian (Publicis, Seattle)

24. Pizza Hut: Tony Romo 

25. Lucy Pet Foundation: Lucy Bowl 

26. Victoria's Secret: Bag 

27. Nation Wide Insurance: Mindy Kaling (Chiel Worldwide)

28. Skittles: It will be settled (DDB, Chicago)

29. WeatherTech: You can't do that (Pinnacle Advertising)

30. Toyota: How great I am (Saatchi&Saatchi, Los Angeles)

31. Bud Light: PacMan (Energy BBDO)

32. Friskies: Dear Kitten 

33. Carnival Corporation: My first time (BBDO Atlanta)

34. Lexus: Be Heard

35. Dove: Real Strength

36. Game of War - Kate Upton

37. Northrop Grumman: Stealth Bomber

38. Microsoft: Estella's Bus

39. Microsoft: Braylon ONeill

40. Skittles: Settle

41. TurboTax: Absolute Zero

42. Toyota: Bold my Dad

43. Discover: Surprise

44. Fiat: Blue Pill

45. GoDaddy: Working

46. Esurance: Say My Name

47. Nationwide: Make Safe Happen

48. Weight Watchers: All you can eat

49. Doritos: Middle Seat

50. Lexus: Make some noice

51. NFL: Together We Make Football

52. Budweiser: Brewed the hard way

53. Jeep: Beautiful Lands

54. Jublia: Tackle it

55. T-Mobile: Sarah Silverman

56. Dodge: Wisdom

57. Sprint: Super Apology

58. Lexus: Let's Play

59. Clash of Clans: Revenge

60. Heroes Charge: Big Game

61. Doritos: When Pigs Fly

62. Loctite Blue: Positive Feelings

63. Newcastle: Band of Brands