Belgian advertising agency Germaine refreshed the whole fundraising campaign for the Foodbanks of Belgium. The campaign is based on the iconic fork-visual that Foodbanks used for years but just made more contemporary. Foodbanks also uses a new technique to raise money for the hungry by using barcodes.

The Belgian Foodbanks hereby hope to reach a younger audience that doesn’t know that even in Belgian welfare society over 170.000 people still suffer from hunger every day. Belgium a small country in Europe has just over 10 million inhabitants.

“Donate a barcode. Feed the hungry” is the slogan that goes along with this campaign that runs from 15-21 October 2009. You can get a folder with barcodes at local supermarkets. You are able to donate €1,5 , €3 or €6 ($2.20, $4.40 and $9) which translate into respectively into a breakfast, a hot meal and three meals.