Again a fantastic campaign created by Mother London, this time it’s for Schweppes (owned by Coca Cola).
These ads are published in the London newspaper The Times. The campaign, launched in March 2009, will continue with a fresh cartoon every two weeks untill the end of this year. These black and white cartoons are making fun of actual problems.

The two small images below are laughing with the inexperience of the financial industry.
The big image however tells us something completely different. It’s referring to the mexican swine flu, this will probably shock some people… And it did! After complains of the Mexican embassy, Coca Cola Schweppes decided to stop this campaign.

Coca-Cola Great Britain explains the withdrawal of the print advertisement. “The essence of the Schweppes ‘Experience Matters’ campaign is celebrating the very British tradition of satire. The cartoons are designed to bring a smile to an otherwise gloomy news agenda and reflect topical issues in the news. It is not our intention to offend however, and following discussions with the Mexican Embassy in London, we took the decision to remove the advert immediately.”

Click on the two small images below to see the image in real size.