In Germany there are 40.000 terminally ill children and young people. They will never reach adulthood. To answer the incredibly difficult questions that terminally ill children often ask, a very unique 24-hour helpline was created. The German Association of Children’s Hospices has set up the helpline, Oskar, to support families and offer answers. 

To show the importance of a helpline dedicated to answering the questions that no one else can answer they worked together with a terminally ill child, Sebastian, and arranged a live experience during one of Germany’s most popular call-in radio shows. On the World Hospice Day 2015, Sebastian, called in live to ask the question: "Why is God allowing me to be so ill … … and letting me die?" After a shocking 12 seconds of dead air on live radio, Children Hospices provided the message: "When others fall silent... We are here with answers."