"Ector the Protector Bear" is an awareness campaign about passive smoking created by Roche. At its center there's Ector, the first toy that protects children by coughing whenever he is exposed to smoke thanks to a smoke detector connected to an audio device inside him. In this way, Ector discourages smokers, notifies parents and educates children from their early years to stay away from the risks of smoking.

According to the latest World Health Organization report, In Italy 52% of children are regularly exposed to passive smoking which causes chronic and cardiovascular respiratory diseases and pathologies. However, smoking next to children is a common practice in Italy. To raise awareness about passive smoking and the risks it causes for children, we called upon the help of the most iconic symbol of the childhood - a teddy bear.

The campaign kicked off with a video and during the second phase Ector will be distributed in pre-natal courses throughout Italy.