This project was created in order to restore the possibility for aphasia sufferers to communicate easily and quickly with their friends and family. Samsung Wemogee performs a dual function: for chatting with people far away and communication support for face-to-face interactions. 

Through the translation of text to emoji and vice versa, the app allows the person affected with aphasia to communicate only through images. Samsung Wemogee is based on a library of more than 140 phrases: in collaboration with a team of speech therapists, a list of the most common phrases in informal chat was defined, relating to basic needs as well as to their emotions. These words were then translated into logical sequences of emojis.

Aphasic patients identify what they want to communicate through a panel of exclusively visual options, sending the chosen sequence of emojis to the non-aphasic recipient. The non-aphasic user will receive the message in text form and can then reply using written words.