Physical Cookie is disrupting loyalty programs. Instead of identifying the loyal customer at the end of the shopping process (purchase) the system identifies loyal customers upon entering the shopping mall, enabling to register the full shopping experience.

The electronic readers placed in-store are able to read your Physical Cookie key chains and collect the usage data. The system analyzes individually collected data from every cookie in real-time. The cookies then use in-store digital screens to show advertisements and offers based on the data. The targeted messages adapt to possible changes in customer behavior.

There are no privacy issues as customers don’t have to sign up or register to anything. To join the program the customer only needs to grab a Cookie and they’re good to go. The Physical Cookie loyalty program (called VIP-Key) was launched in autumn of 2014 in CityCenter in Finland. The VIP-keys were distributed to 14.000 customers who automatically became part of the loyalty program. 

This disruptive idea created by TBWA\Helsinki.