Today, over 80% of households in Japan have a bidet seat, but Americans have just started to follow suit.

TOTO USA, the Americas division of the TOTO Global Group and world’s largest plumbing manufacturer, has teamed up with advertising agency barrettSF to create a new video for its WASHLET, a high-tech bidet seat. Aimed to change America’s approach to bathroom hygiene, its message is simple: you should use water for personal cleansing.

To show us how the WASHLET works, the video follows a man toting a seemingly endless hose. The man makes his way through several scenes, spraying water to clean everything in his path – from a dumper, to a tray full of buns, to a backdoor, a brownie box, and a poster featuring the planet Uranus.

“We liked the idea of using American euphemisms to appeal to the U.S. market,” said a TOTO representative. “Interestingly, in Japan, no euphemisms for the word ‘butt’ exist.”