Everybody knows the ‘walk-in-fridge‘-commercial made by Heineken.
Some girls are wandering through the new appartement of their friend when they see suddenly the gigantic closte room of her.. They start screaming, but at the same time the guys start to scream harder, because in the appartement, there is a gigantic fridge with only Heineken in it..

Then some guys from the Netherlands made their own walk-in-fridge, by crashing a wall in a flat building and attaching a gigantic container to the building. Click here to see the spoof!

Now they’ve made a follow up of the first commercial. It is based on the first one, and as good as the first one..

The NBA-team Cavaliers (team from James Lebron) made their ‘own’ Heineken commercial. It has nothing to do with beer, but with something else..