The average U.S. household has more than $3,000 in stuff they don’t really use just laying around. We’re holding onto a ton of things we don’t need, even when it’s against our best interests. Why? Because for some reason we form emotional bonds with our stuff. It’s totally irrational and it’s never made sense. But now that we can sell that stuff so quickly and easily on letgo it makes even less sense. letgo is a new app that lets you use your phone to buy and sell virtually anything quickly, easily, and locally.

To launch letgo in the U.S. CP+B partnered with Biscuit productions to create a national three spot television campaign that uses extreme situations to show how irrational we can be when it comes to our emotional attachments. The campaign will air nationally for six weeks. The first spot, “Cliff,” premiered Oct. 11th during the season premiere of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” The next two spots will be rolled out over the following weeks. The campaign was directed by Noam Murro.