I have been on holiday the last three weeks. A man should enjoy life whenever he can, I always say..
But in times of relaxing in a foreign country far away from your home, you realize how lucky you are when you have good friends and family waiting when you come back..

That’s why I dedicate this post to my good Creative Criminals-colleague, Rindert.
The movie is about a man who smokes, and suddenly gets beaten up by an invisible person.
This campaign is made by NHS Birmingham East and North, challenging smokers to fight back and stop smoking. The billboards and videos are placed everywhere from shopping centres to Birmingham City and Aston Villa’s grounds on match weekends.

I always wonder if such shockvertising-campaigns make a difference.. They are striking and touching, but does it last more than five minutes?
And Rindert, the reason why I’ve posted this campaign (besides of the simple yet good idea): I don’t want that such a bad thing would ever happen to you! So stop!