(Sponsored by Paul Smith) Parallel to the movement of British Olympian Max Whitlock, Paul Smith’s ‘A suit to travel in’ stays pristine and sharp with every twist, flip and spin. It is made out of yarn from the underbelly of a Merino sheep which gives it that lustrous, lively quality that is designed to have a strong bounce fit for any full movement. Check out more here!

Twist and Bounce It all starts with the fabric. A Suit To Travel In is made from high-twist 100% worsted wool. Wool is naturally breathable and wicking, which helps to regulate your body temperature, but the fabric also has incredible life and vitality that helps to keep the suit looking pristine. 

Scrunch the fabric in your hand and watch as it springs back, with the creases falling away before they’re allowed to form. As Max performs his athletic twists, flips and spins the suit springs with him, recovering quickly to its starting position.