Two months ago I posted Philips Carousel, a short movie, made by Adam Berg as a promotion for the LCD-screens of Philips. Later on Rindert posted the Making Of of this amazing comercial.
And not so long ago (in one of my posts of Cannes Lions) I told you that the short movie of Philips Carousel could be a price winner. (And it did = Grand Prix for Films)

Now the fuzz about this commercial isn’t over yet..
50 Cent, one of the worlds famoust rappers, recently made a new song & clip: “Ok You’re Right”. To be honest I’m not one of his biggest fans, but when I saw his clip I’ve noticed something familiar.
His clip begins with the end of the Philips Carousel commercial. In his clip he plays one of the clown-robbers (he’s a real gangsta!).
During the clip you also see the well-known images of the commercial, but then with dancing people.

This is a win-win situation for Philips and the rapper.
50 Cent gets to promote his clip with the specific technique used by Philips, and Philips gets to show it’s new LCD-screen in the clip of 50 Cent..