Oscar winner and comedian Robin Williams died yesterday at age 63. We all know he was a great actor, but to honour him, we give you a small compilation of his best commercials throughout they years. We even found a commercial from 1977 long before he was known in Hollywood... RIP!

SNICKERS: Coach Williams

In the well known "You are not you when you are hungry"-campaign from Snickers, Williams played the role of a hungry coach, in his typical hyperactive role.

APPLE: Your verse

Apple broadcasted a commercial called 'Your verse' which was based on the monologue Williams did in "Dead Poets society". The voice in the commercial is his, you'll recognize after a while. "We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race..."


Williams named his daughter Zelda, because back in time, he was a giant fan of that particular game. The commercial ends when he says, "You are both as magical".

SKY TV: Giant Toy

Another beautiful commercial is one from Sky TV, where a little boy unpacks a surprise and suddenly Robin Williams comes out of it, as a robot.


AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Wheel of misfortune

Robin Williams was also an ambassador of several non-profit organizations. This commercial is from 1993 for Amnesty International.

ILLONOIS BELL: Funny voices (1977)

This is the oldest commercial we found of Robin Williams. He plays the role of a typical Robin Williams character, by doing all kind of funny voices..

TOYS: Trailer

This commercial was for the movie 'Toys' from 1992, which was about a military general that inherited a toy making company and began making war toys.


Another not so know commercial of him, for the St. Jude Children Hospital, supporting children with cancer.