Sony introduced its high-definition LCD televisions called BRAVIA in 2005. The name is an acronym of “Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture”. An amazing advertising campaign was launched to promote this.

Bouncy Balls

Sony BRAVIA uses the slogan “Color” The bouncy ball TV advert featured 250,000 brightly-colored rubber balls bouncing down a San Francisco street. What was so spectacular is that it was not computer animated. The advertisement was made by former Danish photographer Nicolai Fuglsig.

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The orginal idea was a segment of The Late Show with David Letterman in 1996, in which bouncy balls rolled down the same street. Advertising agency, Fallon that was involved in the commercial denied ever having watched the episode and claimed the similarity was a coincidence. In addition to the 12 air mortars, Conner deployed three giant skips, each lifted 50 feet into the air and containing 35,000 colored bouncy balls.

The first shot required 50,000 balls to be sent cascading down a hill, colliding at a road junction with a further 50,000 that had been fired along a side street. A team of 50 interns was on hand to gather up the balls for the six takes it took over four days. Golf nets were erected at the sides of the street and every drain was blocked.

This television and cinema advertisement is accompanied by the song Heartbeats, written by Swedish duo The Knife and performed by José González.

For those of you who are interested in the making of.

Other TV adverts made for the Sony Bravia campaign are the following:


Play-Doh (Rabbit)