To promote Toshiba’s new line of LCD TVs, Toshiba used a helium balloon to take an ultra-lightweight chair to the edge of space. They filmed the process using a IK-HR1S 1080i camera.

Some facts other facts:

• The helium balloon lifted the chair and camera to a height of 98,268 feet (29,952 meter).
FAA regulations required that the weight of the rig had to be less than 4 pounds (1.82 kilos).
The cost of the chair was 4200 dollar (2800 euro).
The rig was launched in Nevada’s Black Rock desert.
The chair took 83 minutes to reach an altitude of 98,268 feet (29,952 meter).
It took 24 minutes to fall back to earth.

At you could guess, by giving in coordinates, where the chair would land and win the new Toshiba 46 inch Regza SV LCD TV.

Watch the making of after the jump.