Lingerie and sexy swimsuits.. What would life be without them?
This weeks topic for Vintage Tuesday will be nothing else than good old ads about lingerie and swimsuits.
Not only you can see the advertising-techniques change throughout the years, but also how the lingerie and swimsuits become smaller and smaller..

From the Old French linge, meaning “linen,” the term “lingerie” was originally introduced into the English language as a euphemism for scandalous underclothing. Lingerie has a rich and elaborate history: From the laced corset “wasp waists” and “false buttocks” to the uplifted busts of the early 1990 supermodels, you can all see it on Creative Criminals!


Because lingerie was first a taboo for a lot of people, in France the trend (of making sexy lingerie) began growing. The world followed and in the early 1900’s you can see that brands started to advertise. The first ad (1902) is for ‘Justrite‘, an old lingerie fabric situated in Chicago.
Bit by bit lingerie brands started to provoke by making the ads spicier and more erotic. In the two following ads you can see how Debevoise (1919) and Penmans are changing compared to the first ad.
The next tree are from Real Silk (1940), Jantzen (1954) and Maidenform (1963).


In the early 30’s, they also began with TV commercials. The first video is one for Baumhueter, a German brand that was very popular in the United States.
After the jump you can see another amusing German spot for Felina (1950), where as a viewer you can see through the clothes of pretty ladies..
In the last video they show the newest swimsuits in the 50’s.


Swimsuit Fashion (1952)