Animals don’t smoke. So why bothering to link your tobacco-brand with an animal?
I’ve asked myself the question several times and probably it is to differentiate your brand from the others. Camel did it and it worked out just fine for them..

But what if the competitors have exactly the same idea.. For this weeks’ Vintage Tuesday we’ve selected several vintage print ads where all kind of animals are promoting ‘their’ tobacco brand. From a penguin to a lion and a bird to an elephant.. You name it, has it!

Kool (1930) 

Murad (1910)

Tutki (1911)

Jutschi (1920)

Naja (1925)

Pelican (1930)

Rossli (1937)

Captain (1946)

Virginia (1947)

Player’s Virginia (1948)

Sterlin (1951)

Schurch’s (1952)

Finale (1954)

Willem II (1956)

Gauloises (1959)

Tigra (1965)

Laurens (1967)