The complex story of Afghanistan’s journey since the fall of the Taliban has rarely been told in full. Return To Hope, a new media-rich website, aims to tell the world of the struggle and the sacrifice of Afghans and foreigners, both soldiers and civilians, since 2001 through the eyes of those who were there. Take Josh Pitcher, an American soldier who lost a leg during a mission in Afghanistan, but was determined to return to active duty and did so in less than 14 months: 

“Sometimes I wake up and put my right sock on, and then I'll try to put a left sock on. And then I'll look down and my brain will be, like, "Oh." And I'll sit there, really depressed, for about ten seconds. But then I'll be, like, ‘Charlie Mike.’” [Continue Mission] 

His gripping story is one of many that illustrate specific parts of Afghanistan`s journey since the fall of the Taliban in a compelling, personal and comprehensible way. 

Visitors to the site will also see how NATO, the Afghan people and the international community challenged a vicious insurgency while rebuilding the war-torn country, through videos, interviews and raw footage of key events. 

Check the promotional trailer below, and definitely check the website.