2009 was a very special year for Creative Criminals, as it was our first one. We started out on the 27th of March and since then we’ve posted over 700 posts (approximately 3 per day)!
It didn’t took long or many advertising lovers found Creative Criminals on the web and followed us daily. Over the past 9 months we’ve received many positive comments which made our motivation even stronger.
Hereby we want to thank you all and we’ll promise that 2010 will be as twice successful as the past year.

To thank you, we’ve selected the 10 most viewed and most appreciated posts in 2009. From Wonderbra, Toshiba, Air Zealand & Philips to our ‘Vintage Tuesday’ and the popular ‘Creative Bus stop’-ad. Many said that 2009 was the toughest year for advertising ever, but if you look at these genius ads, you wouldn’t tell!

For all of you, from the United States to China, from Africa to Europe, have a blast tonight and