The BIC Cristal is the best selling ballpoint pen in the world. In Germany this is not the case, so with this campaign they wanted to create more awareness for this pen. Did you ever notice that celebrities give autographs without watching what they are actually signing. So what they did: in a prank they let celebrities sign stuff that they would normally never sign. After putting these prank videos online other people started to upload their own BIC pranks. Some of them are with really famous people like Tom Cruise, Guy Ritchie and Robert Downey Jr.

See all the pranks that are on BIC’s Youtube channel at the moment, if you want to stay up to date in the future you should definitely follow their channel.

Patric Nuo


André Niklaus

Robert Downey Jr & Guy Ritchie

Christoph Waltz, Oscar

Tom Cruise


Helen Mirren

Herbert Grönemeyer

Til Schweiger

Karoline Herfurth

Minh Khai Phan Thi

Florian Lukas

DJ Hype

Benno Fürmann