Qazibe is a Tasmanian Forester Kangaroo born in the South West Wilderness of Tasmania, Australia. When she was little, she grew up in a very religious environment where the basic values were to cherish your loved ones and help the weak. After a peaceful youth on the island she wanted to explore the world and left Tasmania to help people in need.

She volunteered as a first-aid nurse in the Australian Red Cross where she worked for two years. Doctors recognized her talents and transferred her to South Africa to fight against the HIV-virus. During her years as a nurse in South-Africa she became flawless in the technique of anesthesia. As a foreigner it wasn’t always easy to do her job but due to her strong nature she stood up to all kinds of problems.
When nurturing affected HIV-people in the slums of South Africa she met Bossies. When he got wounded because of the grenade that exploded next to his head, she took care of him during and after the operation. Bossies thanks his life to her and that’s how she wound up in the elite team of Creative Criminals.

Her role is to take care of ‘her’ boys when in combat, but if needed the team can count on Qazibe to weaken the enemy by anaesthetizing or drugging them.