We present you the first Creative Criminal called Rönguðr. Due to popular demand we will present all three creative animals this month. Starting in January we will present a new creative animal each month.

His name is Rönguðr and he was born on Antarctica in de early 50’s. How he managed to reach civilization is unknown. Many believe that he travelled to Australia with a Russian expedition team; after they had just lost two men trying to reach the South Magnetic Pole.
Rumors go that he worked for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service as a strategic commander during missions in Iran, although this has never been confirmed.

After years of wandering around the globe he turned up in Great Britain, where he managed to obtain a C-130 military transport aircraft, with which he smuggled whiskey and cigars during operation Desert Storm.

Now he is the leader of an elite group of mercenaries from around the world. He is the one with the most experience of the group, as a true leader he guides his members trough their missions. Because you can always count on him some consider him as their father.