Nowadays JCDecaux invests in digital and has a whole new range of digital features and new technologies for billboards. To obtain presentation-meetings to inform Belgium’s most important advertisers about their digital features and new technologies, they started from digital.

As everyone knows, JCDecaux billboards are visible on the streets. But they’re also visible on the streets of… Google Street View. All these billboards have been left in place for years and years. Which means all these brands got years and years of free media space. So why not use this as a powerful B2B tool?

JCDecaux sent 53 of Belgium’s biggest advertisers a framed picture of their campaign on Google Street view. They attached a letter and a detailed invoice to inform them that their billboard had been visible on Google Street View for years and years. Of course they weren’t going to let them pay this amount. The only thing they asked in return was to free up some of their time to listen to the sales team.