Cloudfactory, Heineken and Wefilm have co-created a new employer brand campaign for Heineken called "Go Places," a creative and engaging experience aimed at amazing potential talent with the essence and spirit of the company. Through a manifesto film and an interactive experience called The Interview, “Go Places” perfectly illustrates the distinctive and spirited culture prospective talent could expect from working at Heineken. 

Starring real Heineken employees, viewers will get an authentic view of the company’s unique and adventurous personality, as well as the rich world of opportunities across its 250 brands and 70 markets.“Go Places is like a trailer into what real life at Heineken is like,” said Sandrine Huijgen, partner at Cloudfactory. “When people take The Interview, they’ll immediately get the feeling that HEINEKEN is a company like no other and will get a good sense of the humor, energy and vibrancy of its employees.”