Bert and Sander who write for this blog are both from Belgium. Everybody knows that the best beers are made in Belgium. And I, a guy from The Netherlands am not going to argue about that. But the fact is that most Belgians don’t like Dutch beers especially Heineken. So far I have not posted an advertisement from Heineken but Bert and Sander did. So I’m starting to think that they do like Heineken. Anyway here is the 3rd Heineken post.

On you can customize your own Heineken beer bottle. You can use your own pictures and design but there are also pre-designed images available. To bad this can only be done in The Netherlands. I can image that a lot of people want to get these personalized beer bottles as a present. A six pack costs 15,95 euros (about 20 us dollars). I am going to order it now for Bert and Sander :)