2013 has been a fantastic advertising year. Many advertisers reinvented themselves, resulting in some great campaigns. Also for Creative Criminals it was a good year! We now have a database of over 3.700 of the most creative advertising campaigns from around the world, which brought over 1.000.000 visitors this year. Moreover we’re up to almost 10.000 Twitter followers and we have 13.000 Facebook fans. Year after year we are growing and all the credits go out to you, our loyal followers!

2014 will be an important year for us. The last 10 months we have been working on our new design, which will be launched in February. Our main goal is to keep inspiring creativity, that’s why our new platform will be more user-friendly, with some unique features, no other advertising website contains. To be continued..

Every year, we select the 10 most popular and most viewed campaigns. Click on the images to see them all. Brands in the top 10 are Volvo, Dove, IBM, Dela, KBC, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Scrabble, Oreo & British Airways.

For all of you, have a blast tonight and SEE YOU IN 2014!