Today we celebrate’s 2nd birthday! Since the beginning in 2009, we’ve posted over 1900 of the best and most creative advertising campaigns from all over the world. The last 12 months were very important for our blog, on January 9th we’ve completely redesigned it. But more important are our visitors, every day more people started following us and helping us out with fresh ideas and constructive comments. For that we would like to thank all of you! We can guarantee you’s third year will be an even better year, we have a lot of interesting things heading your way.

In line with last year we would like to share some (funny) facts and figures:

1. Creative Criminals is 33% Dutch and 67% Belgian.
2. Last year our blog had 821.576 unique visitors that came from 206 different countries.
3. We have 3228 likes on Facebook compared to 1,161 last year, and 4,219 followers on Twitter compared to 1,874 last year.
4. The most viewed post is “” followed by “Creative Wonderbra advertisements“.
5. Because of this blog, women find us 48% hotter then before.
6. Rindert and Sander both attended the LIA awards in London last year, unfortunately Bert couldn’t join them.
7. The only visitor from Mali surfed on Creative Criminals for 22 minutes and 32 seconds.
8. While Sander is stil finishing his MBA, Bert has found his way into advertising as media planner at Mindshare and Rindert works as online strategic planner at Nocus.